Situated in the town of East Fishkill, the former IBM West/Bright solar campus spanning a massive 123½ acre of land with 3 flex buildings and 70 acres of development land has been sold to RWHPA LLC, a beacon-based development company in a deal brokered by McGrath Realty, Inc. Brokerage firm.

Having progressed for a timeframe north of two years, the deal involved collaborations from both parties, including several participants of different levels of local and regional government bodies. In order to deliver a sustainable re-development assemblage, the Economic Development council, the Town of east Fishkill and the Duchess County Government all worked together alongside the marketing team of Kevin McGrath and Rob Buyakowski from McGrath realty.

Both McGrath and Buyakowski who facilitated this deal head the marketing team of McGrath Realty, a real estate brokerage firm based in Hopewell Junction New York. Owing to the strategic location of property, all parties involved worked with the common goal of preserving existing business in the town while giving room for an expansion that accommodates new businesses and environmental development.
The Bright solar campus is a keystone Hudson valley I-84 Development and Re-use property with an ideal, location situated at the gateway to New England, the Hudson Valley and New York City. As a result of its positioning, there have been quite a lot of speculations for its possible uses and the property will no doubt be repurposed to cater to a vast array of commercial and governmental purposes. With its layout in such a fast growing commercial and industrial region that possesses premium allowance for unrestricted expansion, the sold campus is situated in the heart of the route-52/i-84 corridor which had further improved its value and made the deal a high profile transaction.

Other well-known landmarks located within the vicinity include the Taconic parkway, with the Stewart International Airport and NYS Thruway just minutes away. It is also in close proximity with the King Dome Sports Complex that is currently under construction, John jay High school, Global Foundries Tech Corp, The re-development ipark Campus Tech Park and a barrage of other developing hotspots.

Undoubtedly, there will be a lot of expectations and anticipation as developmental activities kick into full swing. More and more opportunities are opening up as the campus is bound to attract large scale organizations, and tech outfits to take up its large complexes. Other future envisioned uses include, retail, data centers, hotels, agro tourism professionals, biotech and incubator space, entertainment, R&D high tech, telecom, warehouse and distribution, light manufacturing and several office spaces.

It is expected that the support the area receives from its properly structured network of roads and premium services (including water, gas, heavy electricity and sewer) will be a huge motivating factor that further reinstates its position as significant development asset for the town.

As a property planned for compatible adaptive re-uses, this acquisition expedited by McGrath Realty is indeed one that will benefit the town Of East Fishkill and bring a lot of commercial and technological attention to the area.