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Thousands of deals over six decades means McGrath Realty has the resources, experience, and drive to get the job done.

McGrath Realty Inc. specializes in all facets of real estate management and acquisitions. Our versatility and expertise is supported by a strong team of high functioning and specialized industry experts who are experienced in their various fields.

Our agents, brokers, financial advisors, and property managers bring you a formidable team to execute your projects and aim to bring you long-term returns on your investments. From our commercial and residential brokerage to property management firm, we have the solution to help you achieve your goals.

Real Estate Brokerage

Our real estate brokerage services are designed to offer you competitive prices and the best deals on buying and selling property. With more than $100 million worth of assets listed exclusively under our brokerage services, McGrath Realty, Inc. is uniquely poised to bring you the best deal on your properties.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, our team of professional brokers is dedicated to helping you find the perfect properties to fit your needs.

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Real Estate Agent Showing Commercial Property

Commercial Leasing

We are proud to support the commercial leasing needs for many buildings throughout the Hudson Valley. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of the process from searching for available properties that meet your requirements and negotiating with landlords and tenants to managing the closing process and collecting rent.

We offer the best leasing services to our commercial clients and landlords. We ensure that your property is properly maintained and up to date with current laws, making it easy for you to collect rental income.

McGrath Management

McGrath Management is a leader in commercial property management services in the Hudson Valley for over 60 years. McGrath has transitioned countless properties where the common denominator is lack of communication and followthrough.

Whether it is regarding tenant communication, oversight on a capital improvement project, or a weekly site inspection, McGrath will be there to keep all parties informed. Through aggressive marketing and leasing efforts, proper oversight of vendors, and accurate financial controls, McGrath Management has been successful in full lease out and major improvements of commercial and residential properties. We specialize in turning underperforming assets into value-added assets.

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Industrial estate land development

Land Sales, Acquisitions, & Development

Along with our commercial and residential property sales and leasing, we also engage in the acquisition and sale of land for site development.

We’ve spent over 60 years making connections and forming business relationships to offer great insight on cost-effective sites in the Hudson Valley to acquire and develop. Having first-hand knowledge of demographics, zoning, and government procedures, our local McGrath Realty experts are able to offer you quality development ideas for the best price.

Multi-Family, Industrial, & Flex Property Representation

Our strength in property management and representation is appealing to owners of flex spaces and industrial buildings of all sizes and layouts. The highly coveted nature of flex properties and industrial spaces by manufacturing and multi-family workforce organizations makes it important to keep the value high when repurposing the property for sale in today’s real estate market.

Our knowledge of the market allows us to keep this value high and attract quality candidates. At McGrath Realty Inc., we hold an increasingly large list of clients and their specific property needs making it possible for us to match the right person with the right property, every time! With local representation and national exposure, we are able to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.

Flats in an old industrial building
Aerial View Of Industrial Commerce Office Buildings

Retail/Office Representation

As the leading commercial real estate brokerage firm in the Hudson Valley, we provide a comprehensive retail listing service for your commercial real estate needs, including office space and other commercial properties.

Our Retail/Office Representation service is an excellent way for commercial properties to gain exposure in the market. Our expertise in property valuation and management means we understand exactly what it takes to turn underperforming retail locations into high-producing investments.

Property Tax Analysis/Appraisals

McGrath Realty, Inc. offers a comprehensive and detailed property valuation service which includes consultation and tax assessment adjustment.

We have undertaken numerous appraisal projects that span estates, government agencies, financial institutions, and private properties. With over 60 years of integrity and expertise on your side, we are able to provide accurate appraisal data to aid in feasibility studies and assessments before you embark on your next large project.

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Businessman Making Market Analysis

Market Analysis

As active players in the real estate industry for over 60 years, one of our greatest strengths is conducting extensive market analysis for our clients to help make big decisions regarding property repurposing, repositioning, pricing, and layout.

Our marketing specialists utilize specific channels to acquire, publicize, and sell properties in the quickest and most efficient way possible. This allows us to provide you with key information on infrastructure, deals made, and who the big players are when evaluating your next move.

Property Repositioning

We work closely with developers, city planners, and business owners to help maximize the value of your investment property. Our team conducts extensive research to ensure you are on the cutting edge of real estate trends and new zoning restrictions. We have extensive knowledge of zoning, utility planning, and working within the community to ensure that your business thrives

With extensive experience in the real estate industry, our expert team can guide you through the process of re-positioning your property and attracting top clients.

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Bank Representation

Our real estate experts provide specialized services that cover all areas of property brokering and management. We can take care of every aspect of your property’s financing and share regular reporting and feedback to keep you abreast of the overall health of your investment.

Our agents act as a direct liaisons with the bank and undertake duties like rent collecting, performing monthly assessments, reviewing ledgers and applicable late fees on all unit owners, and performing all other account functions. Our financial department consists of capable professionals who are constantly working to ensure that all bases are properly covered so you get the best returns.

1031 Exchanges

As one of the top real estate firms in Upstate New York, McGrath Realty, Inc. specializes in conducting successful 1031 exchanges that help you re-invest capital/proceeds from previous properties into new ones to defer capital gains tax.

Using over 60 years of experience, our leaders have developed a proven strategy to help clients minimize their tax burden while maximizing their property portfolio.

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Architects at work

Future Investment Opportunities

Great development opportunities are often hard to find and can be severely undervalued by the market. Our team of experts are highly-skilled at identifying investment opportunities in a variety of sectors. By sharing their knowledge with you, they can point you toward great investment opportunities that fit within your areas of interest or experience.

We then help you with leveraging the right developers, lawyers, and architects to ensure the success of your investment.

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